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  • 1/16/2017 Remember to redeem your 2016 Essilor EDGE Points by March 31, 2017! Essilor EDGE 2016 Points expire at midnight March 31, 2017.
  • 1/16/2017 Remember the new 2017 Essilor EDGE Terms and Conditions require you to opt-in and earn points the next full month. Example: Opt-in in during the month of February 2017 and begin earning points March 1, 2017

Your Essilor Edge Award Point Total is based on your
valued support of Essilor Products including:

Thank you for your participation in our recent Essilor Edge Rewards Market Test. Starting from June 1, 2011, your account will be placed back to the national Essilor Edge Program. Below is the new point accrual chart effective from June 1, 2011

Varilux S Design SHORT™ 18
Varilux S Design™ 18
Varilux S Fit™ 18
Varilux S 4D™ (without HE) 18
Varilux S 4D™ (with HE) 18
Varilux® Physio® W3+ 14
Varilux® Physio® W3+ Fit 14
Varilux Physio W3+ eyecode™ 14
Varilux Comfort® W2+ 10
Varilux Comfort® W2+ Fit 10
Varilux Comfort W2+ eyecode™ 10
Varilux Physio Enhanced eyecode™ 14
Varilux Physio Enhanced Fit™ 14
Varilux Physio Enhanced™ 14
Varilux Physio DRx™ 5
Varilux Physio Short DRx™ 5
Varilux Comfort Enhanced™ 10
Varilux Comfort DRx™ 5
Varilux Comfort Short DRx™ 5
Varilux S Design Tech 18
Varilux S Design Short Tech 18
Varilux S Design Fit Tech 18
Crizal Prevencia™ 10
Crizal® Optifog® 10
Crizal Sapphire UV™ 10
Crizal Avance UV™ 7

A minimum point accrual of 350 points is required each month for points to qualify and be deposited into your Essilor Edge account.

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